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Don’t Go Unspoken -share-

Follow this amazing blog, and share the word! No one should go unspoken, everyone needs to share to get past those bad days. This lovely people who started it really need to be noticed more, help out please.♥

"We are Unspoken Threads. Est 2014. We were formed to spread the word to speak up, be heard, live loud, and don’t go unspoken. "

What exactly is Unspoken Threads?


Well back in 2007 my brother, his fiancé and her twin sister came up with this local organization called “Music Heals the Misery” and they put on shows with local bands and called them Band Aide Music Fests and they would spread the word about depression and all the pain going on with the youth and all the proceeds would go to our local charities over here. In about 2009 I took it over and about 2012 everyone kinda went their separate ways and we called it quits with MHTM. Almost immediately after, I got together with my best friend and we started putting together ideas on how to keep something going and we thought up Unspoken Threads. So here we are, we are a clothing line formed to let people know it’s okay to speak up and let people know if something is wrong. We both have had major struggles of our own and we understand that everyone has their battles, we just want to help in anyway we can. We want to let people know that through all their darkness the world can be beautiful and it is. We want to make the statement to live loud and don’t go unspoken. Eventually we will do more than just a clothing line, but we need a lot of support to do so. We have a maroon shirt out right now and a hoodie coming soon, so go check us out at and if you ever need anyone to talk to you can get ahold of us through our tumblr or keep up with us on Instagram @unspokenthreads